Who we are

Bidweb Security IT

Intelligence in Information Security is what defines us. Since 2002, we have worked to provide our customers with the most effective and modern solutions to ensure the protection of their data flow.

Bidweb’s purpose is to create a secure environment so your customers can work in peace and be aware that there is always an information security framework in place to protect them. We are a company that acts from end to end in the information chain, following the demands of the companies that work with us, with solutions in information technology and computer security.

Bidweb is concerned with security in a broad way, so our work is based on the following precepts:

  • To constantly study the threats in order to understand them;

  • To constantly test defense systems to find vulnerabilities;

  • To educate everyone involved to create a cyber attack prevention culture.



High performance collaborative team that delivers excellent results with transparency, trusting relationships and a great work environment. Dedication and joint effort to ensure the success of our customers. This is what we believe.


Design and implement technologies and services that deliver a safer flow of digital information to our customers


Be a national reference in the information security segment.


Ethics and transparency: We strive for the ethical conduct of our projects, as well as the total clarity in which we treat your information.




Technical quality: Developing security project solutions using industry-leading, innovative tools that are fully focused on protecting our customers is part of our history.



Commitment to our employees: Our greatest asset are people. We invest in the qualification of professionals so that they increasingly develop their delivery capacity and constantly improve the quality of services.