A new concept of security

Modernity to protect your work from end to end. Bidweb is an information security company with customized solutions to create a secure environment.

Consulting and Auditing

Is your company in compliance?

Conduct analysis to establish best practices in information security and legal adjustments.


Operations and monitoring center

Operations and monitoring center for cyber threats to prevent them from harming our customers.

BID Academy

Be a market leader by developing your company's human capital

Establish an organizational culture based on creating new skills and business models.

Data Protection

Protection and security are in our DNA

Discover our infrastructure solutions and the IT services Bidweb provides to the market.


“Our business doesn't stop, we work 24x7. That's why we are accompanied by companies that give us quick and accurate responses to incidents, such as Bidweb in the area of information security.”

André Vilas Boas Grupo Dislub Equador

“Maintain information security 24x7 is the new challenge in the hospital area. With the security management that Bidweb provides us, we are at peace about privacy and the protection of our data.”

Márcio Moraes IMIP